Thursday, April 9, 2015

Less Reading, More Doing

I stayed much more in the real world yesterday. I didn't finish a single book. I did read a bit though. Other than the reading, there was some catching up on tv shows and that gave me some tatting time as well. I finished up my backup pair of ankle corsets. That there is a pile of lace in the resealable plastic back that I work with the thread in. It's an attempt to keep some of the cat fur off of the larger pieces I make. It works most of the time.

There was also a little bit of shopping. We seem to have moved our Saturday errands to yesterday in an attempt to free up Saturday. It was weird to be out with the entire family on a weekday though. We also took a nice long walk. It was a particularly lovely day outside. So lovely I even took a few nice cloud pictures.

Our plan today is a long day out to Yosemite, so much more walking. The kids have been there, but it was actually long enough ago that they don't seem to remember it. I doubt that I will get anything else done at all. It's a long drive there and back, but since I don't have anything that really needs tatting, and I get car sick if I read, I'll probably just watch the world go by.

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