Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Recap

As predicted I didn't touch needle nor thread all weekend long. Any down time I was afforded went straight to reading, but honestly there was very little down time. On Friday we were off to the zoo for the youngest child's birthday outing. This was followed by a trip to the toy store and dinner out. As a bonus, something I ate came back to kill me later that evening. It didn't succeed, but it certainly tried.

Saturday was the birthday party, so it was filled with cleaning, followed by a house full of people. There was more excessive eating, but this time the food's revenge was limited to me feeling like I simply ate too much. Then there was more cleaning because we were also hosting a dinner on Sunday as well. Sunday morning was filled with plastic eggs and cats in baskets. We even managed a nice walk with the family before round two of house full of people started. Then there was of course more excessive eating and more cleaning.
It is a safe bet that I will not be consuming much food for a few days as the weekend just about did me in.

The husband and the kids are off all week, so we're going to try to adventure a bit. The weather, however, is going to make it a bit more of a challenge. We had wanted to visit some outdoors destinations, but a cool and rainy week is limiting our options. Personally I'm good with a little sitting about for a while after the weekend I just had. A little reading and perhaps a sale or two in my etsy shop to encourage some tatting would be great too. Here's hoping!

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