Thursday, April 23, 2015


Sorry, I accomplished nothing yesterday. I mean sure, I did schooling with the kids. I ferried one to her test and back and got some supplies for our new rats. That took up all of the morning. In the afternoon I read a lot and when I had some free time I opted to crochet squares instead of tat. I also did not put together the necklace I've been working on at all.

So yeah, I accomplished nothing of note yesterday, but I hope to do better today. I really have no excuses to do otherwise. I've got no errands or out of the house schooling stuff on the schedule. I should be able to get that necklace finished and listed in my shop. Of course that leaves me yet again with nothing more to do, unless I come up with a new idea or get one of those increasingly rare sales in my shop. I fear a serious case of the 'blahs' will be taking over soon.

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