Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I almost forgot to write this morning because it feels a bit like a weekend right now. Yesterday was pretty full of small activities. There was the early run to the store, Easter clearance candy, then a nice walk out with the whole family. We watched a movie in the middle of the afternoon and while I read, the kids destroyed hard drives outside with the husband. There were hammers and protective eye wear involved. I even managed to get some tatting done, though it was just working on a spare pair of barefoot sandals while we watched the movie.

Today is supposed to be rainy all day, which we are really glad of, but it should keep us inside. I'm fairly certain I'll finish the book I'm currently on, Ready, Player One. The husband read it recently and recommended that I do as well. There was also some talk of cleaning as well. I still have more work on that pair of barefoot sandals, so I'll try to get that in too. I'm still crossing my fingers for a big sale in my shop or something else truly interesting to occur. Too much tatting downtime is bad for my creativity.

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