Monday, November 3, 2014


Friday was indeed, all about the kids. There was much makeup and trick or treating. Yes, in the evening the skies did open up and unleash a torrent ruining the trick or treat for any kid that waited until dark to go out. Lucky for my kids and their cousins, we were paranoid about the rain and went out early with umbrellas in an effort to beat it. We finished our rounds just as it began to really pour.

In case you're wondering, the oldest is a sugar skull or La Catrina and the youngest is Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. Both required much makeup by me, so I didn't bother dressing up myself.

The rest of the weekend was errands and movie watching. Well that and trying to regulate the flow of candy. Did I mention that because of the rain, we had only one trick or treater at our door? Yeah, that means we have an excessive amount of candy in the house...very dangerous.

On Sunday, I did get an order in the shop, so I got some tatting in while we watched a movie. It was definitely a nice way to wind down the weekend, Too bad I have yet to convince the cats that the time has changed and my morning is beginning far too early. This week also has the dubious distinction of being the week I have to remain available for Jury duty. It is truly, most frustrating since I home school and I can't exactly call on a substitute teacher. The best I can hope is that I'm only needed for a day or so and that I can get most of their shooing worked out before I have to be there. I'm not scheduled until tomorrow, but don't be surprised if it puts me in a mood for the whole week. So here's to some calming tatting in my future.

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