Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's Something Anyway, I was a little more on task yesterday, but just barely. It's finally gotten cold around these parts...not cold for most people, but cold for us, so I was cuddled on the couch most of the day which a good position for tatting. The first thing I did was remake the piece I sold on Monday, a Star Flower boutonniere. I didn't really need to as it's listed in the shop as a custom order where you can choose your own colors, but I needed something small and interesting to make.

I used the same pattern for this that is available for sale in my shop as a pendant pattern, The Star Flower Motif. It's always a little more fiddly to make anything attached to a pin finding, but again, I needed something a little interesting so I would focus and get tatting again. It worked too, because after this I started making more snowflakes for my mother-in-law. I've made tons of them already, but she was never clear about how many she would eventually want for gifting. I figured if nothing else, it would get me back into the groove of tatting at a normal pace again.

I'm still hoping for more sales in the etsy shop for the upcoming holidays, but so far this November is about half the sales as last November which was down already from the years before. It's been a sad steady decline. Oh well, nothing for it, but to keep tatting and crossing my fingers right?

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