Friday, November 14, 2014


As expected, we were out of the house the entire day and since I could not bring tatting with me on the trip, I did none. The field trip was a train trip to the state capitol where we went to a museum and then toured the capitol building. After that it was a bit of shopping in Old Town Sac and back on the train.

This is the kids at our first stop, the California Museum. Honestly, I am just wiped right now and I can't believe I still have to do a day of schooling today. Not to mention the depressing message I got upon returning home in the evening. Okay, maybe not depressing, just frustrating. A rather sizable order has not arrived at its destination. Like others before it, it appears to have gotten lost or stolen just after leaving my hands. I did insure the package, so hopefully the claim will go smoothly, but I still need to hear back from the customer to find out whether I'm returning their money or if I have some large pieces I need to quickly make and send as replacements. It will certainly put me in a funk until it is resolved, but there's really nothing for it other than to deal with it as it comes.

So here's to a quiet weekend with some rest both for my sore feet and my stressed out head.

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