Friday, November 28, 2014

Almost Done

The meal has been eaten and most of the house has already been returned to its preholiday position. While most of my attention was on last minute set up, babysitting a turkey and a ham, and stressing about time, I did get some crochet done. While I lamented that it was going too slowly, I started to look for solutions. The best one by far was the wide edging. It did take quite a lot of digging about to find the right one that could be modified to fit my needs,but once I found it, I was off.

The edging was from a free shawl pattern on ravelry. I'll find the link for it and share it on Monday if anyone is interested. I had to make a few changes to make it work not only around the corners, but since the shawl is rounded and the blanket is not, I needed to change some stitch counts so it wouldn't curve out too much. Of course then as the day was almost over and I was on the last round, I ran out of yarn, oh, maybe 8 inches from the end. So I undid the whole round and began again, this time removing another small element to make sure I'd have enough yarn this time.

 I should be able to finish it today and get it to its new owner for gifting. Then I guess it's back to making snowflakes for my mother-in-law, unless by some miracle, things pick up in the shop. It should be a pretty long weekend, hiding from the retail outlets.

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