Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More Blanket

After schooling yesterday, the entire day was  given over to crocheting the gift blanket. It's growing steadily, but since it's done in a round, each row takes longer than the last. I reached about the three square feet make last night, so technically I only have ten rounds left to go, but I'm fairly certain that I won't knock those out today. They are the longest rounds ever.

Today is the last day of schooling before the kids are off for the Thanksgiving holiday. That means their crazy is about to be unleashed and I'll have to expend quite a lot of energy to keep the house clean until we host the big meal. Most of the energy will be in the form of constant reminders to the children to not make a mess though. I already got the bulk of the cleaning done.

Here's hoping I get a reason to tat something up soon. All this crochet is giving me a bit of the claw hand.

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emily said...

It makes perfect sense that the jump from 3 feet squared (9 square ft) to 4 feet squared (16 square feet) would take forever - you're nearly doubling (16-9=7) the amount of work you've done just to get there in the first place.