Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Well yesterday wasn't particularly exciting, but I did manage to get some tatting done. Of course it took longer than usual because me and the kids, well one kid anyway, attended the first virtual assembly for their online school. It was mostly a waste of time, but the kids saw their names on the screen so that made it worth it for them.

It was well after lunch before I had some time to get to work. I took a picture early just in case I didn't finish the barefoot sandals, but I plugged along all day and got them done late in the evening. I was hoping to wake up to something else that needed doing, but no such luck.

The kids have the day off school, but since we have a field trip on Thursday we'll probably do a little anyway just to make up for that. Either way, it should be a lazy day unless my creativity kicks in. What? It could happen.

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