Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Well, I Did Something

Yesterday was supposed to be a nice, lazy day, but apparently I am incapable of really doing that when I'm suppose to. Instead of sitting about I did laundry and the dishes, I went outside to pull weeds and we managed to do a little schooling as well. Then when I finally did sit down I couldn't stop trying to come up with something to make. I remembered that I had not yet made the Celtic motherhood knot motif I created for a friend for the shop. Of course I couldn't find any of my prototypes and it's been just long enough that I could quite remember all my very carefully thought out stitch counts. Also, I only had very small pictures of it so stitch counting was almost impossible. All that being said, I managed to recreate the design and get it in the shop.

I should really make it in a few more color variations for illustrative purposes, so if I can't think of anything better to tat up today, I guess I'll do that. I might even attempt to create a pattern for it. It's quite small, but the weaving of the design can be a bit tricky. It also has a tendency to look like you've made a mistake until it's been pulled tight and finished. So I guess the emphasis is on might here. We'll just see what the day brings.

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Madtatter80 said...

This is something that I feel is done better with needle tatting, it is beautiful!