Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yet Another Day Wasted

So all things considered, I had the sort of Jury Duty day one would want to have. I went to the courthouse in the morning, sat down and started reading. After paying a modicum of attention to their presentation, a list of names ordered to return at 3 was read off. The entire time I was crossing my fingers that I would not be amongst them. Once the list was finished and a small pause was observed, the rest of us were freed for the year and home I went. Only an hour or two of my life wasted.

You'd think that that would have put me in enough of a good mood to start creating, but it really didn't. Between the Jury Duty in the morning and getting to the polls to vote in the evening, I was feeling far more civic minded than I really ever want to. So no creating for me. I did manage to do a little cross stitching in the afternoon, but I really need some tatting related inspiration soon.

The rest of the week should be better now that I don't have to devote it to the courthouse. I'm going to try my level best to get in a creative space regardless of the state of my shop. Hopefully I'll succeed and have something mildly interesting to share soon.

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