Friday, October 31, 2014


I'm afraid I don't have much this morning. With no tatting in queue, I worked on fixing one child's costume, did a little cleaning and I mean a very little and then I sat down and cross stitched. I didn't even remember to take a progress picture to share.

Today is bound to be just as unproductive. Right after schooling, I'll have to get the kids all made up in their costumes and makeup. Then we have a trip to the husbands work for early trick or treating. After that it's cousins coming over to brave the rain for real trick or treating. I assume that second trip will be short, but unless the skies open up in a torrent, the kids will still want to go out. I can't image that I'll get either time nor inspiration today to create anything, but perhaps the weekend will bring some of those ingredients. Here's hoping!

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