Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nothing Much

Well yesterday was the last day of schooling until Monday, but we went off visiting family here from out of town for much of the day. I did bring my crocheting to work on while we were gone, but like I thought, progress is getting very slow on it. I think that I only managed to finish 2 rounds during the day. Then in the evening we took a trip out of town for dinner and I crocheted in the car, in the dark. While it's good to know that I will likely be able to crochet should I go blind, I still haven't looked at it in the light of day. I'm really hoping that I won't have to undo anything due to my lack of sight while working.

Today is the last day before we host everyone over here for the big dinner, so they'll be some cleaning to wrap up. After that though, I'm just going to sit and crochet some more. I guess I'll also be crossing my fingers again for some need to tat something. Here's hoping.

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