Monday, November 10, 2014

Things To Do the weekend started on task. I mean I managed to get the new bracelet made, photographed and listed in the shop. I even took some extra time and made it in an additional length. Every change I made during the design process seemed to lengthen the piece. So while it started out fitting me just fine, by the end it was too big. That's completely fine though since one repeat less did fit me and that means I can make it to fit a much wider variety of people.

That was it for tatting over the weekend though. We had a bunch of family things, visiting and whatnot. We also went to see Big Hero 6, which I we loved. That, however, was pretty much it.

I did wake up this morning to a sale in my shop. It's a custom item as well, so I do have a task for today. The customer had contacted me late last night with a bunch of questions, so I hoped that it would result in something getting sold. That means not only do I have something that needs making, but I also will have something that is at least a different color than usual to take a picture of for you. It's a win-win.

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