Thursday, November 13, 2014

Looking Up

My shop had a pretty good day yesterday. After I got the white barefoot sandals in the mail I got an order for a corsage bracelet, so I rushed that out the door as well and started working on its replacement for the shop. It's definitely one of my older designs, so I've made a few small adjustments over the years to make it sturdier. It's always a tough call to change a design when I have no plans to retake the photos for it, but I don't think anyone, but another experienced tatter could find my adjustments.

Then later in the afternoon I got another order in the shop, this time for a pair of my ankle corsets. Luckily I actually had two pairs already made, so I quickly relisted them. I'll still work on getting another pair made though.

Today we have an all day field trip, so I will get absolutely nothing done. I wish I could bring my tatting, but our end destination has a strict 'no pointed objects' security policy. I'm fairly certain that a six inch needle and a pair of scissors will not get through. So I apologize in advance for the boring, tatting free post you'll get tomorrow.

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