Friday, May 30, 2014

Thanks Universe

Well, it turns out that the Universe was indeed reading yesterday and decided to throw me some distractions in the form of sales. Early in the day I sold a pair of ankle corsets and late in the evening I sold a necklace that needs to be custom made. So I just wanted to start today's post out with a thanks to the Universe for it's help. those two events and after the family morning at the school event, I did get my newest bracelet and barefoot sandals ready to list. I did only manage to get the sandals in the shop though. I suppose that means I have something fresh to list today as well.

So today, I have a custom piece to work on, a pair of ankle corsets to get remade, a bracelet to list in the shop and following all of that I have a pendant to make and list from the new motif and a few other ideas to work out with it as well. I think that should keep me pretty busy over the weekend and ensure that I have at least one new photo to show you on Monday. I'm still up for more distractions in the form of sales though, as always.

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