Thursday, May 22, 2014

Time Flies

Yesterday was a wonderfully busy day! Before I started schooling I finished work on the tatted barefoot sandals and got them back into the shop, but it was during schooling that things started to pick up. I got not one, but two orders with custom pieces that would need making as well as existing pieces that would need remaking once the custom pieces were done.

I had an entire day filled with tatting that actually needed to be done and it was just great. This is just two of the pieces I worked on. Very colorful together, but they have two separate homes. It's a red triforce necklace that will get some silver hardware today and an iris purple clover bracelet that is actually ready to go out this morning.

There was another triangle based custom piece I'm still working on as well as a handful of small pieces that I will definitely be remaking as soon as the customs are done. That means not only did I have plenty of work yesterday, I'll have plenty today and likely tomorrow.

The end of the school year is almost here and that means more outings and gatherings. Today, it's an end of the year celebration lunch thing out of town. Then this weekend is my oldest daughter's birthday. She hits a decade and don't think that's not making me feel old. That also means that's how long I've been tatting now, since I learned toward the end of my pregnancy. My how the time flies.

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