Friday, May 9, 2014


What a long day of cleaning. So many floors, so many cats to make them filthy. I managed to give most of the house a once over. All that will be left for Saturday is the final clean up in the kitchen. I find that cleaning anything too well, too early, is undone with extreme swiftness. So today I'll likely be worried all day about messes that have yet to happen and developed a nervous tick of looking toward any small noise.

I didn't get much tatting done at all. First, there was all the cleaning, then there was the simple monotony of this particular piece. The center in interesting to create and the outer round has complexity, but the inner round is made up of the same motif over, and over again. Of course the repetition almost always leads to me making minor mistakes only caught when trying to add the next motif. This leads to me cutting out work and starting over and it is mind numbing.

Guess what though? Yeah, that's exactly what I get to get back to today. I might take a snowflake break just to change things up a bit. I get bored with them as well, but perhaps alternating projects will get them both done faster with less mind melt for me. Here's hoping. I'm also hoping that the weekend brings some rest and perhaps something pleasantly surprising or interesting. Just putting that out there for the Universe to see.

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