Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Small Ideas

I feel like a broken record stating that yesterday was another busy one, just not for tatting. I really didn't stop moving until well after lunch. There were all sorts of errands and laundry and well, just tasks coming out my ears.

Once I did sit down for a while, I nearly fell asleep. This is a big deal because I simply do not nap. I can't seem to do it at all, with the exception of a long car ride, day sleep is nearly impossible. Anyway, after resting for a spell, I did pull out the lace. I was trying to come up with a 'big' idea, but nothing was gelling, so I scaled it down to a small idea.

Really, I just started tatting with a loose idea in my head and this is what formed. It's got some woven chains and I even pulled out a split chain right before the outer row. I seems the perfect size to make a cuff bracelet with. I'll just add two more motives to the sides and it should be just the right size. When I posted it on the Facebook, it was suggested that it could also be a pendant or the beginning of a pair of barefoot sandals.

Since I have no extra tasks lined up for today, I suppose we're going to find out if all that is true. I'll just try as many ideas as I have time for and see what sticks. If nothing else, at least they'll be something to look at on the blog tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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