Monday, June 2, 2014

The Last Week to Monday, huh? I just realized that on Friday I was certain that I would have done something worth sharing by today. I really didn't. I did get my custom order finished, and I did spend much of the weekend remaking a pair of ankle corsets. I did not get around to working on new pieces with the woven rose motif. I know, not a particularly cleaver name, but it was all I could come up with and it's fairly descriptive. Oh, one more thing, I did list the bracelet in the shop. So I suppose I got a few things done.

Anyway, I did get another custom order in yesterday morning. Of course it wasn't until late afternoon that the customer confirmed that the changes I suggested for their request would work for them. It is a little frustrating to get orders with requests to change things in the the notes to seller that are far more complex than color, or chain length. There have been more than one occasion where I've had to just cancel the order because the request was impossible, or at least something well beyond what I felt comfortable doing without further compensation. This wasn't one of those, but still frustrating to wait to start work, because the last thing I want to do is jump the gun and make something that turns out to be unneeded. The next last thing I hate to do is waste valuable working time.

So this is the last week of our home schooling year. Oh wait, I read somewhere that I'm suppose to call it 'home educated' now because 'home schooling' apparently conjures negative impressions. Yeah, I don't really care either. We have just three days left. Then I pack up all those books and supplies, clean the 'school space' and prepare to try to relax for a few days. Then I start panicking as I try to fill that extra free time with something to keep the kids occupied so that we don't all kill each other. Yep, looking forward to that. In the meantime I've got that custom order to work on and as soon as it's done, I swear I'll get back to the woven rose. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

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sylvie sainsardos said...

Hi! I read your post one hour ago, and let it sink in for a while. Then re-read it once more, twice, I wondered, thought, pondered, meditated, racked my brain, but no, I couldn't find anything wrong with the word "schooling". Being a teacher myself I think any form of eductation is a blessing. My wise grand-father used to tell me "never waste a chance to learn something... anything". So I'd like to say that I do admire all the parents who get involved in their kids education (whatever the way). And I'd like to add that this rose motif is gorgeous ;)