Friday, May 16, 2014

Death of Iron

So I'm going about my day as planned. There was schooling and then the kids were off to go swimming leaving me home to keep working. I had remade one necklace and one bracelet had sold, so I remade that. You can tell I'm leading up to something now, right? Well about this time I got my sister's birthday request. I had told her to pick something from my shop and I'd make her one. She chose a dream catcher and so I made that one up as well.

No, that's not what I was leading up to, but here it is now. I went to go press the piece. I plugged in the iron and the light indicator flickered, but did not turn on. Well, that's not good...maybe it's just the light. I touched the iron and it was cool. So I unplug it and plug it back in. No light at all this time and still cool to the touch after waiting a good minute. At this point I'm annoyed, so I bang it on the counter a few times. The light flickers again, but no juice. I repeated the whole procedure again to no avail. Bloody's dead. Isn't funny how you completely take certain appliances for granted because they work every single day.

Once the husband was home, we fetched the children, had dinner and then I bought a new iron. See, it turns out that I need one everyday. That bracelet I sold needed to be pressed before I could put it in the mail this morning. I ended up picking up a small travel steam iron. It was cheap, compact and according to the amazon reviews on every other one in the store, it was the best one by far. Well, of the ones that were less than eighty bucks. I'll likely buy a full sized one online for those very rare times when I use my iron for actual clothing, but the small one seems as if it will be perfect for my tatting. I suppose time will tell.

I still have a couple pieces in queue, I've been avoiding them with great skill, but if nothing else properly distracts me, I'll get to them soon. So here's to proper distraction and the weather cooling down just a bit. The cat here is demonstrating the heat sprawl they were all engaged in yesterday and I needed a picture to liven up the 'death of iron' story.

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