Wednesday, May 21, 2014


If nothing else I was more focused yesterday. I had schooling to do, errands to run and walks to take with the kids. All those things took up the morning and some of the afternoon, but not all of it. I knew that I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to design, so I opted to remake an older piece.

These barefoot sandals sold in December and I finally decided it was time to get them back in the shop. Not least of all, because I just remade the necklace in the same pattern, so much of it was fresh in my mind. Sure there are some dramatic changes from one piece to the other, but it was still much easier to make it when most of it is in short term memory.

I'm still not quite done with them, but I should be right after schooling today, if I don't eek out a little time before to do it. I'll probably do the same thing today and dive back into my sold out pieces and make something else that I must have stalled on remaking so long I forgot about it. I'm still feeling the sting of failure so hopefully a few days of hard work with reawaken my creative side again. You know, the side that easily forgets defeat and forges ahead unafraid.

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