Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Recap

Alright, so I pretty much took the weekend off. I spent time with the family, I read books, I watched movies, I went to free comic book day, but I didn't tat a darn thing. I had intended to finish the black version of my most recent necklace, but I didn't. I had intended to work on some more commissioned snowflakes from my mother-in-law, but again, I didn't.

I suppose there are a couple of reasons for my new found, 'weekends off' situation. First there's the slowness of the shop. No orders that need completing and no rush to buy new pieces from anyone  pretty much discourages me from working. Well that and a lack of sales means that if I kept working at a normal pace, I would run out of thread before too long with no money to buy more. Second, I actually do enjoy spending some time away from the needle and thread and with my family. Of course if the shop is going to remain this way, I'm going to need to learn some serious budgeting to survive.

I did get one custom earring order in the shop late yesterday, so I do have one small task for today. That won't take much time at all, so then it's back to the black necklace. Hopefully I stay motivated to get that finished and listed. I might do the matching earrings and pendant versions as well. Then it's on to those commissioned snowflakes with whatever time I get. These ones are meant as raffle prizes for my in-law's military reunion in June. So I need a good handful for her. Well, at least I have a plan for the day. Here's hoping a rather large order comes my way soon. I'm feeling less useful by the day.

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