Tuesday, May 13, 2014

No Tatting

You know, I don't think that I tatted a single thing yesterday. Let's see, school went long because it's nearing the end and there are time consuming tests the oldest child has to take this week. That and the youngest was getting a little more creative than anticipated with her oral book report. Oh, excuse me, her visual presentation...name changes to familiar things are hard to adjust to. Anyway, we then went straight out for a walk to avoid the heat of the day that was to occur later.

After lunch the oldest got the idea to work on a puzzle we'd found cleaning out my in-laws garage. An unopened, 550 piece wizard one. I am now just glad it wasn't even more complex as it sucked like 2 hours of my life away, 'helping' and it's nowhere near done. I did get just enough time to put together a pair of cat ears after one had sold. I didn't have to do any tatting though because I had already made up extras ears. Though now I not only need to tat some more ears, but I also need to paint up some more headbands. I get them in a variety pack and I need them to all be black, so the fabric paint must come out.

So there's the cat ear project and I still have a couple of pieces that need remaking so if I run out of things to do, there's that. If I decide to avoid those some more, I can always make more snowflakes. Just keep me away from the damn puzzle. My back still hurts from leaning over the darn thing on the floor.

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