Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Almost Over

Well, it was another long day, but not a particularly busy one. We went out to see the new X-Men movie early, which we quite enjoyed. Then it was off to buy a hat. I know, odd right? I felt the need to own one for sun protection purposes, but I need a black one that wasn't a giant floppy sun hat which is harder to find than expected. The adventure ended with a hat surprisingly much like I imagined and for $2 on clearance. It was a good shopping trip.

Then it was home for the rest of the afternoon, save for a walk in the evening. Of course all I managed to get finished tatting wise, was a cat ear headband. Well I did also paint a handful of headbands black to get them ready for ears as well. That was it though. I did little else with my day.

The rest of the week is going to be just about chaos though. Today we have a doctor's appointment followed by some errands with also getting schooling done. While I think Wednesday is pretty clear of extraneous activities, Thursday is the end of year ceremony in the afternoon even though schooling is not over until next Wednesday. So really this week and next will be full of 'wrapping up' nonsense and tests for the kids and it's all just a giant stress out for me. Right now, I'm just taking some nice deep breaths to get ready to go with the flow and hoping for some tatting tasks to head my way to keep me working and grounded. I can do this.

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