Tuesday, May 6, 2014

That's Better

It really was a Monday. I felt like I was getting back to work in a 'real' job. There was schooling and every other spare moment I was tatting. I finished up the black necklace early, but the weather was not well suited to taking photos for listing it in the shop. So the necklace, matching earrings and pendant will have to wait until the sun reappears long enough for decent pictures, which may not be today. Next I finished up a pair of navy blue earrings that were ordered late on Sunday. They'll be in the post today.

Most of the day I spent working on snowflakes in various variegated threads. I think I got three and a half worked up before dinner. That's when I got my first sizable order in months. It was just one piece, a pair of my spats/ankle corsets, but it was just what I needed to cheer up a bit. They are already packed and ready to go our this morning, but the order also gives me something large that needs remaking.

So today starts on a great note for me, order in the mail, tatting tasks in queue and new pieces just waiting for the sun. I'm crossing my fingers that this is just the beginning of a great week or better yet, a great month. I thought I'd leave you with what the oldest child did to all the cats yesterday. I think she managed this same torture on four of them, but these two stayed close enough to get photos. They kept these on for hours, though I am fairly certain that they were plotting their revenge the whole time. In fact I better inspect the house closely this morning for surprises.

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