Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Well the pattern release yesterday could have gone better, but it could have gone worse as well. I assumed it wouldn't sell quite as quickly since I charged more for it, but I guess that I hoped I was wrong. What I didn't assume was that someone else had already copied the earring design that I made four years ago, likely counting stitches, wrote it up and posted it online. So now it kind of looks like I'm selling something you can get for free even though it was my design in the first place. I tired to convince myself that since it was adapted from an antique pattern, that the same idea could have come to someone else as well. but it really is far too similar and it's already happened too many times.

I'm glad I only got the blog comment regarding it late last night, because then it only made it hard to get to sleep. Plus, I got to calm down a bit before writing about it. My thoughts last night were in the, 'why bother', and ' that's it, I'm not doing this anymore' vein. Sure I'm sick of it, and places like pintrest, while a beautiful collection of inspiration, are also a haven for copyright infringement. I'm just going to take a deep breath and move on now.

Okay, I have to admit now that part of my reaction to that discovery was based on the failure of a day I had overall. I attempted, at least a half dozen times, to design a new piece. Each attempt ended in abject failure. I had an idea, but it wouldn't coalesce. The thread seemed to be rejecting every stitch. So that by the time I got the comment notification on yesterday's post I was honestly quite ready to hang up my hat and get out of the tatting game. Now, don't worry I couldn't stop even if I really wanted to. I love tatting and it's my real job, but a few more days like yesterday and I might be singing a different tune.

So I guess I'm just going to have to work harder today and hope that I have some sort of creative breakthrough to cure the malaise. Before I leave, a big thanks to all of you who already did pick up the pattern. You've no idea how much I appreciate your support! It's part of what keeps me working. Here's hoping for a better day ahead.

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Marilee Rockley said...

So sorry to hear that this copyright violation has happened to you. It seems there is a lot of this going around lately. You have the advantage, however, of having written up a beautiful set including bracelet and necklace, so perhaps the earring someone posted can't do much damage.