Friday, May 2, 2014

Here's Hoping

Yesterday went pretty much as expected. There was schooling in the morning, followed by a quick walk because if we didn't get out in the morning, I wasn't going out. It was crazy hot for the 1st of May. I mean, I know I'll be begging for the 90's when it hits 110º, but that's not until July. So the rest of the day, I stayed in and worked on one thing or another.
The new purple necklace got listed in the afternoon. I spent a little time trying to get it noticed and then I started on a final black one. Of course almost halfway through I made a fatal mistake. You know one of those mistakes that you don't immediately notice. That means that you have the option of slowing un-tatting for far too long, or cutting your losses and starting over. I opted to start over, which is why I have yet to finish it.

So that's today's task then. Get the black necklace done and listed in the shop. Oh, thanks to all of you that picked up patterns yesterday. A few were sold. They don't really amount to much, sales wise, but every little bit and all that. I'm crossing my fingers that it was just priming the pot for more to come. Here's hoping.

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