Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's Too Warm

My, is it getting warm around these parts. It's suppose to break 100º today and I pretty sure that shouldn't happen halfway through May. I mean, I actually prefer warm weather, but everything in it's own time, you know. The warm afternoons have encouraged me to get the kids' schooling done in time to take a morning walk. So we rushed through and the youngest saved her 'visual presentation' for when the husband got home in the evening.

In between those two things, I allowed myself to be sucked back into puzzle making, but we managed to finish it. That's the last time that will suck hours of my life away. I also managed to get in some tatting. Not the cat ears I had intended, but rather a little snowflake making followed by starting in on the remaking queue. I didn't really get anything completed, so I don't have any good pictures. The husband did take some picture of the afore mentioned presentation though. The cats and drawing are her visuals.

So today, I'll get back to that queue and hopefully I'll finished a piece or two so I can have something to share in the morning. That is, unless I have melted away before then. It's possible.

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