Friday, May 23, 2014


It was another busy day, but not because of tatting. I did manage to finish my custom order in the morning though. It's all ready to head off to its' new home today.The colors in the photo are obscured by silly phone filters, but it's a nice Victorian red triforce and matching triangle earrings. I was asked simply to hang two triangles from each ear in whatever orientation looked best. This was actually not my first throught at all, but I think it's definitely the most elegant way to do it. I certainly hope the customer agrees.

We spent a good part of the day at one of those pizza/arcade palaces out of town. It was suppose to be a nice end of the year outing, but only two other families showed up. It was still nice for us though since the place was pretty calm and uncrowded. The rest of the afternoon was given to things like errands preparing for the weekend.

So that brings me to today when I need to clean the house. Since we'll be adventuring all Saturday for the child's birthday, I won't have time to clean it that day. Sunday is her party, so they'll be more cleaning and re-cleaning then as well. I still have a few pieces left in my queue, partly because I screwed one up last night when I should have stopped working for the day, so I have plenty tatting left to do when I am given a few extra minutes. Hopefully it will be a lovely weekend with plenty of pleasant surprises and much more tatting work for me.

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God's Kid said...

Looks wonderful!!! :)