Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Recap

It was a bit of an odd duck weekend. Many things occurred that were outside our usual routine, but I won't go into all of that. On Friday evening we entertained a friend we haven't really spent time with in years which was lovely. Then I was tasked by my mother-in-law to make 4 more snowflakes as memorial gifts and she needed them quickly, so that was my Friday and Saturday morning tatting task.

Even our Saturday was a bit off because of a time sensitive computer project the husband is doing at work, that he had to continue working on all weekend at home. We still managed to run our usual Saturday errand, but quicker and with fewer side trips. Luckily I had one order to remake giving me some tatting to do with all of the extra downtime as I introduced the kids to the, cancelled too soon show, Pushing Daisies.

Sunday was much the same, only we also spent copious amounts of time catching up on shows that had been piling up on our dvr. Then I got a nice big order to work on. Not big enough for me to throw a party or anything, but big enough to give me tasks for a few days at least. After I get that all taken care of I will start to seriously work on a new small piece for April as well as the patterns I'm hoping to get ready for release. Of course I have no real idea on what that small piece will be, but I'm starting to feel the urge to design again, so it won't be too long. Of course it's design will have to remain secret until revealed, you know, for the drama. That means no pictures. I'll find something to share soon, I hope. If not, there's always cat pictures.

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