Friday, March 14, 2014


Good Friday morning all! First, a little business to get out of the way. The WINNERS of the 3000 sales giveaway. I will be emailing you as well, but a public announcement is needed. The winner of the Dark Doily necklace, as chosen by random number generator, is SharpTeethOfLove and the winner of the barefoot sandals is Janis Wakeley. I'll announce the winner of the Facebook necklace over there. Thank you to everyone who entered for the lovely comments and for reading and supporting my work. Hopefully the next 1000 sales will come faster!

Now back to usual business. It was another busy day and a few unexpected things occurred. First, one of my fancy masks, the Metropolis, was sent off to a new home. I had to overnight it so it would arrive in time for a Masquerade. It's always bittersweet to send these away. They take so much time, and a little blood sacrifice to make that they feel like children. Seriously, all the sewing of crystals and sequins always results in more than a few pricked fingers. I'm inclined to try to make a new one soon to replace it. I suppose that's not like children.

Other than sending off the mask, I got in the other thread I ordered in and worked double fast to finish everything in queue, save for remaking the things that had sold. The most recent custom order was in another variegated thread. This time, Lizbeth, Caribbean. It's quite a bright combination. To avoid just ordering that one thread, I also picked up one ball of the new twirlz thread and a couple other variegated ones. I don't use them often, but I suppose a little color now and again is a good thing. So many you'll see something in those colors soon.

I should have all my recent orders in the post today and hopefully relax just a bit before tackling the sold pieces over the weekend. Though I wouldn't complain in the least, if a few more orders rolled in. I really am enjoying being busier than I've been in a couple of months. I feel useful again.

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God's Kid said...

That mask is so detailed!! :) And I love the swirls in the color of that necklace!! :)