Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Well the Universe didn't grant me much yesterday, no sales, no great bout of inspiration, but I couldn't just sit about for yet another day or worse, clean. I was so determined to keep busy that at one point I pulled out my scrap yarn and started crocheting just to keep my hands moving. Eventually I pulled out my thread and tried my hand at designing again. My first round was a complete failure. It was trying to be the start of something interesting, but all it really ended up being was a lesson or two. I guess that's something. I mean I see a few bits in there that have the potential to evolve into something great, but not quite yet.

After that failure, I almost gave up for the day, but instead I decided to just tat and see what would happen. This time I thought I was actually onto something. It needed work and so I went back and made it into a nice pendant or earring shape. Honestly though, I'm kind of sick of just making simple earring and pendant shapes. So I took another couple of stabs at it until I sussed out the best way to turn it into a chain.

The design is still missing something, so I'll probably work a little more on it today. The basics are there though. The pieces fit together so the hard part is done. Now it's just flourishes and details to make it really interesting. I'm just glad I managed to do something new yesterday. I was beginning to think I didn't have any more new designs left in me. Here's to a productive day of designing and hopefully the Universe will reward my hard work with the sales I've been missing in the shop. Hey, it could happen.

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Carolyn said...

Maybe some silvery thread winding thru it? Just to be different. But I have to say, metallic threads for me have been irritating and hard on my hands. But a wee bit is kinda pretty. Anywho, I like this shape. :-)