Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rainbow Splash

It's always strange to hold a giveaway. It's the only time that I get comments in droves. Now, I don't blame you, I can hardly remember the last time I commented on a blog. I'm a drive-by reader, but it's always nice to get the occasional and loud reminder that there are folk out there. Speaking of the giveaway though, if you haven't entered yet, comment on yesterday's post here and/or pop by the Facebook fan page here. I'm not choosing winners until Friday, so you have some time.

So, back to yesterday when I was really busy. When I have custom orders to work on, or even when I have a nice queue of pieces that need remaking, I tend to put my nose to the grindstone and pretty much ignore everything else around me. Yesterday it was rainbow splash colored dream catchers. Making these does a number on my hands. So much so that I have to wear those cute anti-fatigue gloves while making them. Even then, I tend to take a few more breaks while making them just to stretch out my hands. I should have bothered to stretch my arms and shoulders too, but I didn't and I'm a bit sore this morning as a result.

I still have more pieces in this custom order and I have two others waiting in queue. One of them required me making yet another thread order so they should put themselves in line nicely. Hopefully I'll wrap this one up today and get to the next in line. If the fates are with me I'll finish that one just as I get the thread for the other. If the fates are against me, well they can be creative, so who knows?


God's Kid said...

Your necklace in your give-away is gorgeous!! :) Just wanted to let you know!
I love your dreamcatchers!! :) I am working on one of mine right now, but not as an earring this time, but as a suncatcher in a bangle bracelet(and it won't be as awesome as any of yours, but that's ok)! :) Have a great day!!!

SWtrompeter said...

Those dream catchers are lovely. They look completely different in rainbow color(s) than they do in black - amazing how color changes the look of things.

Val said...

I'm in awe of your creativity. These dreamcatchers are very pretty!