Thursday, March 13, 2014

Always Busy

Another day with my nose to the grindstone, though not literally. Mostly it was my hands and needle and seemingly flying thread all day. I do adore these kinds of days though not too many in a row. I mean I love busy, but I also love it when it comes in manageable waves. I do not do well when I'm too overwhelmed.

So, I was working on the same custom order I was the day before. It is just about ready to go out and then it's time to go on to the next one. I'm not expecting my next order of thread until Friday, so I should be ready for the order that needs it just as it arrives.

That then is the whole of my life yesterday and today, save for schooling and errands of course. This is also your last reminder to enter my giveaway as winner will be chosen tomorrow morning when I blog. Comment on yesterday's post here and/or pop by the Facebook fan page here.

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