Tuesday, March 18, 2014


If nothing else, it was a productive day. Not only did I finish the order I had in queue, but I also managed to remake one sold piece, do the final edit on the first tatting pattern, and finish the first draft of the set of patterns. Of course this took all day, but I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Now I just need to send this one off for test tatting and proofreading, do the final edit after that, then it will be ready for release on the 1st as well. I feel like I'm actually on top of a project, for once. Usually I'm scrambling at the last minute. I do have the feeling that my attention to this one, might be distracting me from other things I ought to be getting ready for though.

I sold a few more pieces yesterday, business has certainly been picking up a bit, so I have plenty of things that need remaking for the shop. That should keep me busy tatting wise for a few days at least. Though it won't produce any good photo opportunities, so expect cats. Well I'm off to it then, plenty to do.

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sylvie sainsardos said...

I'm not a very good tatter (at all!!!!) but I'm definitely a knitter. I've made my own patterns for years but I remember depending on the patterns I could buy. So, to answer the question of your last post, I think that it's nice to have the choice between a whole set and each item separately. As for the photos of cats, no worries, they're really nice ;)