Monday, March 17, 2014

Patterns Forth Coming...Eventually

Happy Monday world. As usual, the weekend seemed much longer than it actually was . It all started on Friday when I decided it was time to buckle under and write up the patterns I have planned for April. I have been lucky in the past to have lovely people turn my pathetic attempts into professional looking pattern pages, but stubborn old me, wanted to be able to do that part myself. Not that it is in any way bad to lean on people with certain skill sets you don't have. I was just fairly certain that if I wanted to figure it out, I could.

I'm happy to say that one pattern got done, save for a couple of edits suggested by those same lovely
people, and it looks pretty good. Though all can show you is the most abstract of teases as I want it to be a surprise. I'm still hard at work on the other pattern. This one is for three pieces that work together as a set, so it's much longer and more involved. I'm currently stressing out on how to price it and if I should also release each pattern separately as well. Any opinions on either point would be well received.

The rest of the weekend was family adventuring and yard work. The weather was lovely, so the husband decided to mow the lawns. This meant it was about time to tackle the weeds and plant some new flowers. Of course when I woke this morning, my shoulder gave me much grief. I imagine it will continue to do so all day, it's an old injury that likes to visit from time to time.

As far as actually tatting, I was lucky to get in a couple of orders over the weekend with pieces I could remake fairly quickly. Along with those, I also got one yesterday with changes requested that  add up to me making a whole new custom piece. That kept me busy when I had time and will be my main task for today, followed by more pattern work.

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