Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Well schooling took up more of the day yesterday than usual and all because of a writing assignment. I mean I never loved writing essays myself, particularly when I had to write on one of the dreaded, who's your hero, favorite book, favorite anything topic. I don't have a single favorite anything of anything, but I digress, the child is very resistant to writing anything longer than a sentence regardless of topic. I find it all a bit odd since I spend so much of my time writing and it just happens so organically. Oh well, the point is schooling ran long and once it was done I went straight to steam mopping, lots of steam mopping.

I did try to do some designing once I was done with cleaning for the day, but I couldn't come up with a singe idea that wanted to work. I was trying to design from scratch on paper and I was quickly reminded that this is not my strong suit. I work best when I have a partially formed idea and just start tatting, but I didn't have any of those either. No orders came in to save me from myself either. So I just floundered with a pencil in hand for a while followed by trying with the needle and thread and confirming the failure.

I didn't get around to listing the new earrings either. I was tired from cleaning and frustrated from failed designs. I should get round to that today. Then, I'm hoping that today I get inspired or lucky. Either one will do really, so I'm crossing my fingers.

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