Friday, February 28, 2014


Well I have good news and, well not really bad news, but you get the set up. I managed to do at least what I set out to do yesterday, but not a stitch more. We did head off to a field trip with the kids in the late morning to the Bowling alley. Now, we don't actually know how to bowl, but we do it when there's a field trip and it's always a good time.

When we got hone, I did go to work on the mask I've been making for what seems like a week and I finished the darn thing. It's now back up in the shop and that's great, but that is about it. The rain kept waking me up again last night and granted me a lovely new headache to wake up to, so I think I will cut this morning's missive short.

Hopefully this weekend will see some good news in the shop, some creative tatting adventures, or at the very least, some days free of headaches. Here's hoping.


SWtrompeter said...

Sorry about the headache. I know you need the rain, but it *does* get to you after a while. ;-) I hope you get lots of activity in the shop very soon. (And creative inspiration - I love to see what you've been making.)

Simply Bravo said...

I was reading about the rain and mudslides in California on the L.A. Times website. Over in the margin where the Google ads are was an advertisement for the cuff you made and are selling in your Etsy store. I wish I could include a screenshot. It was pretty cool.

Simply Bravo said...

And I get migraines when storms move in and out too. They're horrible. Hope you feel better.