Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Bracelet and a Wound

The slow shop is starting to make me lazier than usual. I'm having to force myself to pick up my needle and thread to get things I know I want to get done, done. After much internal goading, I worked most of the afternoon on the new design, fiddling with small details to get it just right. Loads of folks keep suggesting beads and dangles and whatnot, but as much as I occasionally like sparkle, I am always much more concerned with making the lace work all by itself. After a few tries, I had myself a bracelet that I was pretty happy with. It may get listed in the shop today. I think I'm going to have to adjust some stitch count and joins to make it into a nice choker though. It's a little too straight to be comfortable around the neck. It needs just the slightest bit of curve which is always harder to achieve than it sounds.

Now, I would have gotten to that yesterday evening, but I managed an injury that affects my ability to tat as well as type. I going painfully slow at the moment. What ridiculously silly thing did I do? Well I'm not certain how I managed it, but I bent my pinkie nail backwards causing it to rip off well below the quick. Low enough that it bled for some time and touching it is,'s tender. I've got it bandaged now, but it helps only a bit. Isn't it silly how such a small wound can hurt so much and cause you to have to alter your behavior? Apparently I use my pinkie far more than I ever realized and you are lucky that spell check is so effective or you'd be reading nonsense tight now.

Hopefully I'll figure out some way to get some tatting done today anyway. The hardest part is really working slowly around the bandage as thread seems attracted to it and it seems to snag no matter which finger a bandage is on. I'm fairly certain I'll need to keep it covered for another day at least. So today I'll ask the Universe for quick healing and sales of currently made pieces so I won't feel compelled to get anything made too quickly.

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