Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Productive Stalling

So I spent most of the day remaking sold pieces for the shop and I, of course, have no new tatting to show you, even in super tease, unrecognizable, format. So here's a picture of cat faces. I know, they looked as thrilled as you probably are.

Well, my patterns are already off to a couple of test tatters. Thank you to everyone else that offered to do that as well. I may send it round to another person or two once the first round is done, just to check any edits I will most assuredly have to make. Still I'm quite on schedule to release it next month.

That is about all I have to share though. I still have a few more pieces to remake, but they are larger ones and I have the habit of stalling for a while when I have to remake larger pieces. It takes me twice as long as it should because I just keep finding other things to distract me. I also spend quite a bit of time hoping that a new order will come in to save me from having to remake them. Then when one doesn't, I give in and finally do it. It's a pattern. So, here's to a day with new orders, interesting tasks and productive stalling.


Denise - Jewelry By Denise said...

I'm super excited about you releasing not one but two patterns! If you need another test tatter, I would love to help. :)

SWtrompeter said...

I love the cat pictures - almost as much as I do the tatting pictures. ;-)