Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Next 1000

It was another odd day around these parts. School took all the time before lunch and there were other concerns for the day, so I just didn't focus on working like I should have. I did finish what I needed to for the only order in queue, but that was about it. I have a pair of ankle corset to remake for the shop, but I am almost done with those as well.

Since I was going to a doctor's appointment with the husband, the kids were with their grandparents in the afternoon and when we got back they were at our house with our nieces and dinner. So the evening was family visiting. I really feel like I got absolutely nothing done.

Wait, I just remembered one thing.  I was checking my shop stats on etsy and I am just 5 sales shy of 3000. I joked that it's only taken me nearly 8 years to get them, but it's not a joke, it was a slow build to get sales there and this last year has been an uncomfortable downward slide in them as well. Still, I am steadily creeping to such a nice big number and I feel like I should celebrate it. So to that end, I'll be doing a giveaway just as soon as I hit that number. I was going to do it on Facebook, but I think I'll have it here instead. So keep your eye out. Hopefully it will happen soon, but with the slow sales it could possibly be awhile. At the very least it is something to look forward to, the next 1000 will be a long time coming.

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