Friday, March 21, 2014


I spent much of the early afternoon working on the two orders that needed to be done and being frustrated over the basketball takeover of my favorite afternoon shows. I feel a bit like I should have said 'my programs' there and made some mention of bon bons or something, but I digress. did manage to remember that I wanted to list the twirlz bracelet and actually did so. As someone referred to the look it creates as 'tweedy', that's what I called it as well. I thought about getting something else made with the thread and then I got distracted by something else and I can't even recall what that was. Some days I'm just a crow.

I don't think I managed to do anything else of significance the rest of the day and since I'm down to just two, rather large pieces that need remaking, I'm in extreme stall mode. Hopefully today will bring motivation, a new task, or a new idea. Otherwise it's cat pictures on Monday. Here's to motivation.

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