Monday, March 31, 2014


The weekend held, basically, exactly what I thought it would. There was some adventuring and too much cleaning. There was very little tatting though. Friday was a long day of schooling followed by kitchen cleaning because we were having guests over on Saturday. Saturday had a little more cleaning, and much more errand running, but it ended with a gathering of friends, which we needed badly.

Sunday was the day that killed me though. I decided to use the carpet cleaner in our bedroom, also known as the cat's room, where they most often chose to do those things people hate cats for. Halfway though cleaning the brushes on the machine stopped spinning. Thank the gods for the Internet and YouTube, because without them I wouldn't have been able to fix it myself and finish cleaning. Of course I managed to destroy all of my nails in the process. At least the torn one doesn't look out of place anymore.

I did spend yesterday evening making up some more pendants for tomorrow. I wanted to have it done in a few more colors for the listing. So today I'll be getting the listings ready so I can put them up first thing tomorrow. I really do hope you all like the pendant and the pattern for it. It's a simple piece, of course, but I think it have a lovely and fairly unique look. Here's to tatting and tomorrow then.

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Carolyn said...

Your weekend sounds just like my Monday/Tuesday-laundry, laundry, laundry, cleaning and steaming the pea-doodle out of the floors. Gross. I have put it off now for a week so I had better get to it. I would much rather be crafty or sit on my butt all day and read and play games on my 3DS...sigh.