Thursday, March 6, 2014

What a Day

I had quite the action packed day. Mostly because things kept breaking and needing immediate repair.Right after schooling I managed to break the garage door. No, don't ask how. The point is I did it and then had to undo it. Luckily I'm pretty handy with tools, so I worked it out. Then after running errands, that kept getting longer, it was pointed out that in breaking the door I had also scrapped paint off the trim of the house. Of course then I had to find the touch up paint, clean the wall wound and paint that. These tasks were added the ones that kept popping up inside the house too. All the while the dust kicked up from looking for things along with the pollen outside turned me into a heap of allergy suffering even though I had taken a pill in the morning. All that sounds fun right?

I did however manage to get some interesting photos while I took a break and walked out with the kids. Of course in retrospect, that just exacerbated the allergies, but at least there was nothing that needed fixing on the walk. I got a photo of the same mushroom from yesterday because it bloomed further. Though I'm not sure that's what the process is call in fungi. We also got very close to two Turkey Vultures than we ever had before. They are incredibly big birds that live near us in large amounts, but you rarely see them on the ground unless they've found something dead and are feeding. I'll spare you the details about what they are eating here, but they are actually quite beautiful close up and enormous. We got the stink eye from one bird, but it just stayed there as we watched and walked on.

So, no I didn't get much tatting in. I did manage to finish a pair of ankle corsets for the shop though. I just got an order in this morning so I have at least one small thing to make today. Hopefully the allergy medicine can win today and nothing else needs fixing, because I just want to sit and tat today.

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