Friday, March 29, 2013

Busy & Thanks

So with a task of remaking ankle corsets, I managed to do nothing else the entire day. Well, that's not entirely true. There was an unfortunate bout of cleaning first thing in the morning when one of the cats could not be bothered to 'go' in the litter box and someone stepped on it and tracked it throughout the house. I know, fun, right? Then there was a lovely walk after schooling the kids. Aside from those two events and the occasional break browsing the Internet, all I did was work on ankle corsets.

There are pieces I sell just often enough that I have their patterns and constructions committed to memory, but many of the things I've made over the years have been made just once or twice so every time I have to do one of those pieces, it's a much longer task. I try to have the existing piece in hand if possible so I can clearly see all my joins and stitch counts since they're not always the most logical choices. Yesterday's pair was once of those. So I'm not even close to done with the pair.

After I do finish them, I have another pair in a different style to make as well. Though the next pair I am more familiar will so it should be less of a hassle. The rest of the weekend will probably be dedicated to more family adventures so don't expect much om Monday unless something terribly interesting and unexpected happens. Oh, and before I go thanks to everyone who took the time to watch the new video and comment. I really appreciate it, you make me feel like I put something at least a little bit useful into the world, thanks!

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Unknown said...

I really love these corsets! Seeing your work as a beginning tatter is so inspiring and just lovely to drool over in all of its prettiness! <3