Wednesday, March 13, 2013


One of the drawbacks of having a nice queue full of tasks is how I basically put my head down and work without communicating in any way with the outside world. Sure, I occasionally come up for air, but it's usually to care for the children. I become basically invisible online and that usually means I also have nothing interesting to share here.

I spent almost the entire day in production mode getting pieces made and remade from yesterday's order. Good thing too because one piece that was suppose to be made wasn't and my remake of it turned out to be needed for the order. I generally have a pretty tight reign on my inventory, but every so often I hide something in the wrong box and then it just doesn't want to be found. Either that or the sock gnomes have expanded their theft ring to include lace.

In the evening I started giving more thought to the tatting day pendant and started to look through trending items to see if I could get any ideas for something truly new. Maybe it was too late in the day for my brain to work, but I was getting nothing except that apparently the ampersand is popular again. So for no particular reason I decided to make one of those. It was dark already so the picture is bad and I don't really see a good use for it, but I might list it as a pendant anyway since I did take the time to make it and it actually looks exactly like it's suppose to.

I still have one piece left in my queue to finish today and then, if my brain can successfully switch to creative mode, I'll focus on the potential new design. I want to have something to go fairly early  and I still haven't decided if I want to do the 'any color' listing with it and make them upon order or make up a bunch in advance in a single color. I suppose it all depends on the design I ultimately come up with, so I won't worry about that now. Here's hoping the muses visit today.

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StringyDogs said...

You are so busy, I don't know how you do it. I like the & . ;-)