Friday, March 1, 2013


Finally, a fresh month. Last month was a disaster for sales and it wasn't so great for family drama or productivity either, so I am really looking forward to March. It won't let me down. It has unrealized potential for greatness. Right, March?

Well I ended February on the same sort of, barely a swing that the whole month lived on. Schooling and the teacher meeting ate up the entire morning so it wasn't until after lunch that I could do anything at all. The mail brought me the stainless steel ear posts so I set to work on some of the new swirl/pinwheel earrings. This is what I spent the rest of the day doing.

The colors don't show up very well on my phone camera, but we've got the browns, grays, teal and pale turquoise, and after this picture I did a red and black, and a pale yellow and light gray. I think that's enough examples so I will hopefully get a listing up for these today. They'll be a little more than the simple flower ones because they're on the better posts and the woven chains make it take a good deal longer. I mean they're still a fast project, but no quite as fast.

I'm hoping I get a good stretch of routine today so I can also get the art project finished and possibly photographed for approval before shipping. I also have another piece that needs to get shipped somewhere special, but I've been stalling because I have to use a different shipping company. Then I will focus on the newest arty request and get some more ideas into thread. Well that's the plan anyway and I'm kind of hoping the whole thing will be interrupted by sales I will need to deal with or amazing news or something equally interesting to give me prove that march isn't going to let me down.

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Natalie VonRaven said...

I really like your woven patterns, it reminds me of celtic knots. Beautiful pieces =)