Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No Plans

I fear it's settling in again, the no sales malaise. I really ought to stop thinking about it, but it's so ever present and it's affecting my ability to casually create and to buy things. It's mostly affecting my ability to buy things and that's just bothersome. You see what I did there, I attempted to make light of the issue thereby putting myself in a better mood about it. That usually only works when I communicate verbally with someone, but perhaps the act of writing, knowing someone will read it will have the same result.

I finished remaking the pieces that sold a few days ago. One was the back drop necklace and it take quite some time to put together. The tatting itself is fairly quick, when I don't make a mistake and have to redo the same section three times...which I did, but the chain making portion of the project is much longer. I also have the added challenge of getting it done without cat intervention as they enjoy loose chain and beads very much. I'm pausing on my other art project as I wait for some supplies.

After I got that done and listed again, I decided I would play with some patterns I found online in a vintage or antique pattern book. I don't know which as it's not in English. In fact I'm not even quite sure what language it's in. I couldn't read the patterns at all. I usually muddle through but I couldn't even determine where one written pattern began or ended and the worst bit was the very clear images where counting the stitches revealed so many stitch number mistakes that I couldn't figure out what the count was actually suppose to be. One ring would be 3-2-2-3-2-3 and the next seemingly identically ring would be 3-3-2-3-2-3-3 and nowhere on the written page could I find a similar stitch notation. It's like the pieces where constructed by a madwoman and eventually I made some stuff up myself with the photos as references and then didn't take any pictures. Maybe I'll do that today at least.

I have no clear tatting plans for the day. I have a dozen non-tatting things I probably should get to, but that malaise I mentioned wants a sacrifice of tatting in a halfhearted attempt to convince the Universe that we deserve a sale in the shop to keep us going. So I really have no idea what I'll get up to today. Maybe I'll create something new from scratch, that should satisfy the Universe.

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